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design is my passion

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A motivated, adaptable person seeking to improve my knowledge within a professional business. Working as part of a team is something that I enjoy greatly as my past experience shows. Teamwork and productivity are at the heart of everything that I do and I love new challenges.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Marketer
and Writer.

Why a Website?

After Chainblogger (Multimedia News) Tommerer (Gaming and Reviews) and DawnWorks (Video Game Development) I realised that I am clearly incapable of choosing a niche and sticking solely to it. So, instead I have made something that doesn’t require a niche. I can go from programming to sports to politics without having to create and design a whole new business/website/social media per topic.

I’m Sorry!

Self-awareness can be a gift and a curse. I know most of the stuff I put on YouTube is incredibly cringey, sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about when I think I do, and I am aware that I will never be smart enough to be a scientist or doctor. But, I can give my opinions, and attempt to back that up with at least a cursory amount of research and considered thought.

My Profession

Feel free to contact me with any opportunities that you might want me for. Marketing and social media is my speciality but I have experience with programming, graphic design, photography, and videography as well as a slew of other smaller disciplines.

My hobbies and the things i enjoy most

Extra Stuff...


Game Development

I have always enjoyed video games and creating my own indie titles brings me great joy.



I have always been fascinated with how the human mind works and how we percieve the world around us.


Camp Counselling

I have worked for both NCS and Camp America as staff member to ensure the kids have the best possible time they can have.