Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage

These days there are numerous online resources that offer help and assistance when it comes to learning more about Digital Marketing and Media Management, however, it is difficult to find a resource that is both certified and genuinely useful. My searches have lead me down many dark alleyways filled with dodgy marketing and weird advertising pages and blogs and I have come to the conclusion that, usually, the more popular the business, the more useful the information, as there is a bigger incentive to maintain a good relationship with consumers by producing relevant and reliable information. This leads me to Google Digital Garage, a free information site dedicated to assisting individuals to develop both their ability to express ideas along with developing their knowledge in topics such as “Data and Tech”, “Digital Marketing”, and “Career Development” <- check out the link.

In my own Learning Plan, I am working my way through “Fundamentals of digital marketing” created by Google themselves. A 40 hour, 26 module project that contains tests and assessments along with a Google certification on completion. Google does a perfect job of explaining how their search system works and how you can effectively understand search engine targeting. The parts that are not published by Google are published by renowned Universities, with the subject topic ranging from improving communication skills to learning basic technical support and Front-End Web Design. These days individuals have to constantly be equipped with a wide array of skills and abilities that allow them to be efficient when faced with dynamic situations. What’s the point of having an I.T. specialist to train every employee when every employee is already versed in computer maintenance and handling?

It's important to be equipped with a multitude of high-end skills.

My point is that potential employees want to be as employable as possible, and so routinely learn a multitude of skills to allow them to dive into a selection of career paths. This is good for the employer as it allows your employee to deal with plenty of different situations. The downside is that employers are expected to have an array of different issues and projects to work on. Without this diverse portfolio of needs, employees can feel like they are not fulfilling their full potential, and may look elsewhere for work, as they have the ability to choose from many other professions, something that has only been recently accessible.

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