Business Listings – What Exactly is it?

Business Listings – What Exactly is it?

Depending on what business you go to you may get a different definition for the meaning of the phrase “Business Listings“. Some, drop the term under the umbrella of ‘Reputation Management’ or ‘Location Management’. The most well-known definition with management and consulting companies is that its a form of management that involves the distribution and maintenance of information on (usually) hundreds of business directories whereas the directories themselves are known as Business Listings websites. The aim of Business Listings is to spread your company’s location, status, industry, and a phone number throughout the internet and the world wide web, along with giving you potentially valuable information regarding what your customers look for.

A Couple of Factors to Consider:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – Although we do not have access to most search engine algorithms, we can expect results from committing to certain actions, for example, distributing important information about your business over multiple directories (including links) can allow search engine AI to easily recognise and identify your content to people that desire what you offer. It can also improve traffic to your website or social media pages, and it gives you a visible footprint on the internet that can build up over time (as SEO is all in the long-game).
  • Time Constraints and Management Options – Whether you take a fully manual approach or a semi- or fully automated one, it is important to consider that creating local business listings is time-consuming, it may be best practice to aim for the most popular and relevant ones (Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, YP, etc.) or get an external business such as to build and maintain your listings for you (maintenance costs vary depending on the business you choose) the plus side is you will receive more accurate useful information in one place and it can be done without wasting any of your own time.
  • Marketing Potential – Listings Management, although usually incurring a monthly fixed cost if you commit to an external management company, can give you valuable consumer research. When customers visit these directories you can access information on what aspect they clicked on, and this, in turn, can allow you to make more targeted advertising on say, your location, if that was the aspect most customers were interested in. It is also useful to maintain the consistency of contact information. I would also recommend the FREE digital marketing services on such as the Business Listing, Reputation Report, and Website Checker. This allows you to look more in-depth into what you could be improving on along with info on what further sites you may want to choose to add listings to.

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