Making an Indie Game Pt.3: Comprehension

Making an Indie Game Pt.3: Comprehension

So I just finished the first level of a basic physics based plat-former game and the feeling of achievement is great. Although it is rudimentary and unfinished it is both fun to play and challenging. These two features are the two pedestals you have to place anything you make on, even if is a text-based adventure, is it entertaining and does it actually require the player to learn something? (those are my goals anyway). Although you may want to rush straight to a 3D Multiplayer Strategy game, it is best to start small, and get larger and larger through incremental steps (as I’ve said previously) even if it is games you don’t intend to make, the knowledge is essential. A good lesson is that if you know how to program it, you should try to do it. Coming into this, all I knew were segments of IF statements and XYZ changes and that is all you really need to understand when aiming to make either a platformer or a top-down RPG type game.

When you finally understand what you are going to make then you should aim to achieve a Minimal Viable Product within the first month, as in, a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development. You may think this is a classic main menu, and a level to work through, but actually it should be even more basic than that. Think the least amount of work you need to do to make the game interesting to play, no main menu, no artwork, no death animation (maybe even no animations) it could simply be a ball jumping on different objects. I went with an animated Character, using the Unity 2D physics system as a way of making it more unique as shown below…

The most important aspect at this early stage is if you feel that you have captured something entertaining, and (hopefully) something original you can show to the world.

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